A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Simple game with only two movements, left and right, the box goes always to the front, arrows turns the box, the torus is the goal, the rest of the stuff "kills" you.

The idea has potential for more irritating sliding puzzle designs, I will continue developing this when the engine evolves a little more.

The game started as a joke to myself because I'm really bad making 3D models, there is a runner that uses simple geometry and, well, was a nice idea to play with versors to get relative movements.

The game was originally made for a 3D objects handling (on games) course, the original Unity3D game can be played <here>.

This Godot Engine version is for the Videogames Programming 3 course, focused on multiplatform development (yes, this game runs fine in Android devices).



Primitive Dash U (Original, in Unity3D):


Primitive Dash G (this one...):


Install instructions

Unpack the zip and run the executable file.


Primitive Dash G - GNU/Linux 64bit 10 MB
Primitive Dash G - Windows 64bit 10 MB
OSX (not tested-possibly broken, need confirmation) 35 MB


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When I played though the first level a couple of times, I was a bit confused because when the box reaches the yellow circle, the messaging kinda felt like I lost that level instead of 'Level Complete', but once I got the hang of things, this game became a ton more fun.

At first I though it would have been better if the spikes were randomly generate, but the more I played though the levels, I was glad that nothing was random, and the game play was focused more on timing and muscle memory

Overall cool art direction and fun puzzle - looking forward to more updates

If you are looking for 3d art on the project, I'd be glad to build something up really quick


Agh! The forgot the "level complete" message xD

The game needs a more fluid transition, maybe dropping the cube directly into the next level (the design allows to change levels on the fly).

At 1st I was thinking on a low perspective and infinite generation but finally decided for fixed puzzles, the level 5 is where I try to trick the muscle memory presenting a pattern and breaking it.

Thanks for the feedback and the offer, I'll be in touch if need something after fixing some issues and the horrible menu.

And thanks for playing it too ^^