A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Four warriors answer a call from the king.

This is the prologue of an adventure that maybe never will be told.

Short platformer inspired on Little Samson and the buggy earlier Rockman enemy spawn system.

The original idea was bigger but got cut due to time constraints, turned from a game to the introduction of a game.

Basic controls:

A/left: move left.

D/right: move right.

W/up: jump.

H/space: shot (some characters can't shot mid air).

Character specific controls:


W/up while jumping against a wall: Climb

W/Up on a wall: move up.

S/Down on a wall: move down.

Leave wall by normal walk jump (move left/right+jump)


W/up while jumping: shot down and get a second jump impulse.


Press+hold W/up while jumping: float for awhile.

Press+hold shot button: charge shot.


Nothing, but can walk on spikes.


Even if the main intended feature is not used (and not finished), can be unlocked with the key "9", then with keys 1 to 4 you can change your character.

The game was made for the Video Game Programming 2 class of the Video Game Design and Programming course (a kind of associate degree) at the Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias Hídricas, Universidad del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Assets credits (details included in the README file):

Disthron, Jason-Em, ansimuz, surt, Damaged Panda, RevampedPRO and many others.

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Update: Sources !

Grab them here: https://gitlab.com/eon-s/CH-P

Install instructions

Unpack and run the executable file


Windows binaries 11 MB
Windows binaries, neko vm version 10 MB
GNU/Linux binaries 13 MB
GNU/Linux binaries, neko vm version 10 MB

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